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The Message of the Seagull

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SeagullI recently was directed by Spirit to move to Jamestown, New York. (See Time to Pick Up and Move? and I Found a House!)

It has taken me three weeks to settle in, so that’s why you haven’t heard much from me. But Spirit has still been communicating. I’ve had several good channeling sessions. And a number of times, seagulls have appeared to me.

Seagulls inland? Yes. In the Walmart parking lot, to be exact, as well as other places. The third time I saw or heard a gull in one day, I knew my Native American guide had a message for me.

My go-to site for spirit animal meanings and messages is I recommend it to you. Here’s what Avia had to say about the meaning of seagulls, followed by my commentary.

Seagulls aren’t found exclusively by the sea. They are often found inland, and can thrive in both fresh and salt water areas. This is a good start to symbolic meaning of seagulls. It speaks about opportunity, resources and adaptability. Seagulls go where they can find the best food. They … remind us to move where the best resources might be.

I have moved north to be near my parents and close to Lily Dale, where I can be more involved with Fellowships of the Spirit. I believe there will be more opportunity for me and my spiritual practice in this area, and I’m looking forward to partaking of the resources and spiritual nourishment that’s available here.

Many of us deny ourselves opportunities because we feel safe in our comfort zone. Not so for the opportunistic seagull. These birds may be a sign to fly out of our realm of comfort, maybe take a risk, and do so with the goal of finding better conditions for our well-being.

For over a year I’ve felt that opportunities had dried up for me in Pittsburgh. Although I was comfortable there, I took the risk and followed the leading of Spirit to a new place. I believe here there will be better conditions for my well-being and ministry.

The seagull is the ultimate scavenger. When seagulls show up on my scene, it makes me mindful of making the most out of what I have. … Seagulls also inspire me to re-purpose stuff. … I prefer to make new uses for old things.

I definitely have an old house (built in 1923). I’m looking forward to renovating and renewing it so that it’s comfortable and increases in value. And I’ll be looking for some antiques to fill it!

Seagulls are quite chatty. They have no problems squawking and letting their voices be heard. … Seagulls might be a reminder to find our voices, and be fearless about speaking our minds.

Spirit has been preparing me to be more vocal. They have promised that I would have a greater audience. I believe I am now in position to let my voice be heard.

Many cultures associate the seagull with freedom. The book by Richard Bach called Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a modern cultural legend that reinforces that essence of freedom the seagull is known for. … When seagulls soar into our consciousness, it might be a sign to break out of the same, boring routing. It might be time to fly high, show the world our potential, and dare to be free from what the world expects us to be.

I loved that book and others by Bach. I’m ready for a newfound sense of freedom. I’m not sorry to leave behind the life that had grown stale. I’m eager to soar into the tradewinds of new adventures where I can rise to my potential as I serve Spirit.

Won’t you fly with me?

Rev. Lee Allen Howard, Medium & Metaphysician

Written by Lee Allen Howard

August 1, 2014 at 1:50 pm

The Sign of the Honking Geese

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Geese and goslingsBack in 2008 I was living with my parents (at the age of 46, no less), and I desperately desired to move back to Pittsburgh. I wanted a house. So I prayed and asked for a sign, which I share about in The Geese and the Feather.

The sign that Spirit provided through Nature was that geese flew overhead, honking. It really drew my attention that day, and their recurring appearance over the years has proved to be a sign that Spirit would provide me a home.

From What’s Your Sign:

Geese are incredibly gifted navigators and instinctively know the way across the long haul to warmer climates. They forge ahead with confidence and bravery.

They tell us, “Follow your gut—rely on intuition and instinct in order to get where you need to be.” So I did, and I received the assurance that Spirit would lead the way for me to migrate to Pittsburgh.

It took several months and several miracles for me to come up with the downpayment, but God provided, and I found a house I really liked on the east side of Pittsburgh.

The morning I closed on it (February 15, 2009), I was driving down the highway. It was freezing cold and certainly not the season for geese to be migrating. But ahead of me on the freeway flew a perfect V of geese. I rolled down the window and heard them honk in the frigid morning air. This sign confirmed that I was making the right move.

Whenever I’ve debated about home improvement projects, I’ve seen and heard the geese flying over my house. They seem to appear every time I was concerned about something with my home.

I’ve lived in Pittsburgh over 5 years now, and recently Spirit has been telling me its time to pick up and move. So I’ve been house-hunting in Jamestown, New York, based on some dreams.

The Geese Honk Again

The morning that I went to look at a house I really liked in Jamestown (May 9, 2014), geese flew overhead, honking. I made an offer on the place, and it was accepted. I tell that story in I Found a House!

This morning (May 17) I traveled north at 4:48 a.m. to attend the inspection of the new house. I was hauling a trailer full of stuff from my Pittsburgh house. Along the highway I spotted two adult geese with a gaggle of goslings. So cute! It was a sign to me that I was on the right track and that I would not be alone after my next move.

While unpacking the trailer into a storage unit, geese flew overhead TWICE, honking. That made three sightings for the day, which is Spirit’s way of underlining their message to me.

Here’s a photo I managed to get:

Geese flying

The house inspection went well. Now we’re working on the financing.

Although purchasing a house can be a trying process with all the paperwork, with the sign of the honking geese, I know God will make a way.

Here are a few more photos from my weekend adventure. Until next time, God bless, and keep honking!

Lee Allen Howard, Medium & Metaphysician


Some non-essentials I packed ahead of time for storage

I got a dolly...

I got a dolly…

Trailer hitch

…and a trailer hitch.


I packed the trailer.

Boxes of books

Three 30-pound boxes of books held only one small bookshelf, and I have many bookshelves…

Packed trailer

Although it was only half full, I packed the trailer to the weight limit.

Storage unit

I hauled that thing for four hours, 180 miles to Jamestown to a rented storage unit. Here’s where the geese flew overhead and honked.

Loaded storage unit

I unloaded the trailer into the storage unit, and it’s only half full. Guess I’ll have to do this again…


My home-to-be in Jamestown, New York. It already feels like home!

More information:

Written by Lee Allen Howard

May 17, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Wild Turkey Guidance: Follow Mother Hen

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Are you sensitive to day-signs from the animal kingdom? I am. Whenever a particular encounter with a wild animal draws my attention, I look up its totem meaning and always find there’s a message for me.

Wild turkey hen with chicks

Source: Wikipedia

Whenever I see animal signs, I’ve come to realize that it’s my Native American spirit guide, White Feather, communicating with me.

Such was the case when I saw turkey hens leading their chicks three different times on my trip home from Lily Dale, New York, on July 25, 2011.

Totem Meaning of the Wild Turkey

When I arrived home, I looked up the meaning of the wild turkey. Here’s what I found.

Wild turkey teaches you how to project your voice and your truths. It is important to know when to say your message, truths or opinion; and how to say it clearly and loudly enough that other people take notice. Wild turkey can help you to learn appropriate timing for sharing your voice with others. (From

The appearance of the wild turkey indicates I need to project my message so that it’s noticed. I’ve been working on that hard since 2011.

Turkeys (like the peacock) give clear signs of agitation prior to poor weather conditions. This is often seen by primitive cultures as a symbol of foretelling. … [T]urkeys are also symbolic of:

  • Harvest
  • New beginnings
  • Cycles
  • Preparation

When the turkey visits us it is a sign that we must be mindful of the blessings bestowed upon us each day. Further, it is a message to express our strength and brilliance—it’s time to show our own plumage and reveal true selves. (From

Wild turkey represents foretelling the future and being prepared for a new season, a time to shine more brightly.

The Turkey is linked to the third eye, the seat of feminine energies within us, and the center for higher vision. Turkey is also the symbol of the Mother Earth and her abundant harvest. (From

Turkey signifies clairvoyance and higher vision, as well as abundant harvest. White Feather was telling me that I was being led to see into higher realms, to speak forth my message courageously, and to become more prominent. I’ll share more about this in my next post, Launching My Rocket.

A Vision and a Message from White Feather

A week later, on July 31, 2011, during my weekly channeling session I saw a clairvoyant vision of my guide White Feather, who spoke to me about the hawk (my totem) and the wild turkey mother hen.

I saw him dressed simply in deer hide and moccasins. His plaited hair had a few feathers and beads woven in, but this was no headdress. He looked weathered and wrinkled, but warm in heart and demeanor. He is the most humble spirit I have ever encountered.

I heard him chanting, “Heya, heya…” Lifting his hands to the sky, where Hawk flies and cries, he said:

    The Hawk sees far.
    The Hawk sees clearly.
    The Hawk flies above all things
    And looks down to see the path before him.
    The Hawk sees what is up ahead,
    And the Hawk flies to that point.
    The Hawk dips down
    To snatch its prey.
    The Hawk rises again
    To begin anew.

You are like that hawk, my son, for we have called you to fly high and see far. We have called you to see into the future. We have called you to accuracy in perception, to be able to dive down and collect that which you have spied. We grant you speed; we grant you majesty.

    Fly the path before you.
    See that you fulfill your purpose,
    For we have called you to soar the sky of Spirit.

This speaks to me of my clairvoyant abilities and prophetic purpose. I share more about this call in Rescue of a Red-tailed Hawk.

Then I saw White Feather chanting and dancing, dancing in a circle, brushing the ground with feathers, as if he had wings. Then he spoke to me of Mother Hen.

As a hen covers her chicks with her wings, so I cover you.
Spirit of the Wild Turkey is leading you forth.
There is a path to follow, a path that Mother Hen knows.
Follow Mother Hen, and she will lead you to the place where you will graze, a place where you will roost and find rest.

There will be plenty for you where Mother Hen leads.
Be thankful for the journey. Be thankful for the provision.

This is the meaning of seeing the three sets of wild turkey hens leading their children. White Feather was providing the spirit-animal energy of Mother Hen to lead me forth. He promised to bring me to a place where I will be provided for, a place where I would end my journey and find rest. I asked my master teacher K about the meaning of this.

Where am I being led? Is it just a journey of learning, or is it a relocation from one place to another?

He replied:

As White Feather has told you, all you need to do is follow Mother Hen. For this portion to come to pass, you have been given Wild Turkey medicine. Although you are a Hawk, you must trust in the wisdom of Mother Turkey to lead you across the road.

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road? A: To find a place to roost. 🙂

Sometimes my guides do not answer me directly. Perhaps it was too soon for me to know the answer. But I had an idea that this experience pertained to relocating. In the meantime, I was to take advantage of Mother Hen’s guidance.

Another Sighting of Wild Turkeys

I saw wild turkeys on my way back from a house-hunting expedition in Jamestown, NY, on April 27, 2014. I again saw three different groups of birds, but these were grown. When I got home, I searched my channeled material for “wild turkey.”

Although I had forgotten White Feather’s original 2011 message, it really spoke to me now. I feel that Wild Turkey medicine is again being activated in my life. White Feather had said, “Follow Mother Hen, and she will lead you to the place where you will graze, a place where you will roost and find rest.”

The poults following Mother Hen have matured. Perhaps now is the time for me to find that place of plenty where I will roost and find rest. I will keep following Mother Hen until I do.

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What the Red Squirrel Taught Me

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For the past month, I’ve eagerly entertained the idea that Spirit is directing me to relocate. In a recent search of my channeled messages, I discovered an entry from 2010 about an intriguing encounter with a squirrel. Here’s what Squirrel taught me about planning for the future.

I Woke with an Idea

On the morning of August 30, 2010, I woke with the idea to make a list of everything that needed to be done to my house before I could sell it and move.

Now, I had only been in my Pittsburgh home for about 17 months, so this was a strange idea. Moving so soon? Nevertheless, I started my day with this in mind.

Squirrel Drama in My Own Backyard

Red Squirrel

Photo by ALAMY

I went downstairs to have breakfast. As I was enjoying my coffee, out my kitchen window I spotted a red squirrel gripping the trunk of the big oak tree in my backyard. He was barking, chattering, and making quite a fuss. I don’t know what about, but he was riled up!

Later that day I saw him facing off with a red-tailed hawk at the far end of my backyard. Hawk is my totem animal, which I wrote about in Rescue of a Red-tailed Hawk. So I paid particular attention to this interchange with the squirrel.

I think Ms. Hawk planned on having Mr. Squirrel for lunch, but the little red chatterbox was having none of that! He put forth a powerful argument with much bravado. When I stepped onto the side porch to take a photo of them, the hawk flew off.

Totem Meanings of the Squirrel

I decided to investigate Squirrel as a spirit animal. Here’s what I found that spoke to me.

The squirrel encourages you to develop the ability to plan ahead and to anticipate your future needs, to be prepared. (From

Animal symbolism of squirrels deals with practicality. As the squirrel is commonly known to hide and save its food and return to it in the winter months—we take this as a sign in our own lives; a sign that it might be time to look into our own provisions. For example: Is it time to consider a retirement plan? Are we adequately insured? Or even as simple as doing simple and preventative repairs around the house. (From

The message of Squirrel is to plan ahead—to be proactive about preparing for your future. And I got some confirmation about fixing up the house.

I Made a Fix-it List—and Forgot About It

To Do List

Prompted by this encounter with Squirrel, I decided to list all the home improvement projects I would need to accomplish before I could sell my house.

I made the list on August 30, 2010, and never opened the computer file again—until recently.

When Spirit inspired me that it was time to move, I received an inkling that I should search my computer for a moving to-do list. Although I’d forgotten all about it, I discovered the list. And found that I had accomplished OVER HALF the projects I had noted!

The Forgetful Squirrel

Squirrels only find about 10% of the nuts they store for the winter months. Yet even those forgotten acorns can turn into seeds that grow into trees that will feed their kind in the future.

That list of home improvements I squirreled away on my hard drive almost four years ago and then forgot about turned out to be a cache of practical wisdom for my future. I was pleased that Spirit had led me to accomplish ahead of time so many things on the list in preparation for my upcoming move.

My Lesson from the Squirrel

Red Squirrel

Photo by Charlie Riddell

Like these absent-minded bushy-tailed critters, even though I forgot about my list, with Spirit’s help, I found it again. And I was led all along to make those improvements.

A morning idea and an encounter with a red squirrel inspired momentary foresight that prepared me to sell my home and move.

Are you prepared for the future? Ask Spirit to help you get ready. You’ll find all the help you need, even if it takes a squirrel to deliver the message!

More information:

Written by Lee Allen Howard

April 29, 2014 at 2:39 pm

I’m Obsessed with This Dream

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The morning of March 29, 2014, I woke from a vivid dream that lingered all day—and the next and the next. I’m obsessed with discovering its meaning. I’ll share the dream and make some brief commentary on the imagery and explore some meanings.

Dream of Napping at the Lake and Talking with My Grandmother

I was up at my grandparents’ and decided to go for a ride or something, go for a drive, go north. So I did and I saw this little lake on the map and decided to visit it. Actually it turned out to be not much more than a pond. I drove out on the L-shaped dock, which was just big enough to turn around on, and then I came back [off the dock]. It just wasn’t really going on.

Then I heard a bear coming out of the woods, so I went and hid. There was this building with a closet with folding doors on it, and I got in behind the coats and hid in there until the bear went away, but then I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I heard voices out there, and I thought, “Oh, no,” and here it was my family, so I came out.

Then I saw my Grandma Baker. She had new, modern glasses. Somehow I was in her house, and she said, “What do you think of my new sun-porch patio?” It was still kind of my dad’s office, but a little more like her living room front window. I took a couple pictures of her.

Commentary on the Dream

First off, all of my grandparents have been on the Other Side for over a decade. My parents now live in my mother’s parents’ farmhouse. But from there, I traveled north.

Here are some comments about the objects (nouns) in the dream:

  • Drive north: The place I ended up is a leisurely drive north of my grandparents’ (parents’).
  • Map: I consulted a map, meaning I was searching for direction or looking for a specific place.
  • Little lake: This was a blue body of water on the map.
  • Pond: The body of water that looked like a lake on the map is actually a pond.
  • L-shaped dock: Usually docks aren’t big enough to drive on, but I did on this one. Was it actually a dock—or a road? You don’t expect docks to “go on,” but roads do. That it was L-shaped stood out to me.
  • Woods: The pond was close to a wooded area.
  • Bear: I didn’t actually see the bear, only heard it.
  • Building: There were buildings close to the pond also.
  • Closet with folding doors: I don’t know whether the building was a house or a business, but it had a coat closet with folding, louvered doors.
  • Coats: Coats are worn when the weather is colder, and the closet was full, meaning the coats weren’t being used.
  • My family: This was my mother’s side of the family; actually, her father’s. When they arrived, I felt it was for a family get-together or picnic. So the weather was warmer at the time of the get-together.
  • Grandma Baker: My sister and I were my maternal grandparents’ only grandchildren, so Grandma Baker was special to me. She was warm and loving and one of the most generous, hospitable persons I’ve ever known.
  • New, modern glasses: On this side, Gram always wore glasses. But these stood out to me in the dream. Perhaps they mean a new way of seeing things, or seeing things with fresh eyes.
  • New sun-porch patio/office/living room window: My parents renovated the farmhouse when they moved in after my grandparents’ passing. The corner enclosed porch with windows all around became my father’s office. In the dream, it looked like a cross between her old sun room and her living room bay window, which was filled with plants.
  • Pictures: Pictures to me mean memories. I wanted to remember seeing her.

Much of this dream, I believe, is literal. Aspects that may be symbolic are the L-shaped dock, which I drove on, the modified sun-porch, and my grandmother’s glasses. I’ll consider first what might be literal.

I Searched the Map—and Found Something Fascinating

I opened the Maps app on my iPhone and, starting at my parent’s house, searched north for small lakes. Just north of Bradford over the New York State border I spotted a small lake, a spot of blue in a sea of green, the Allegany State Park. When I zoomed in I discovered that it wasn’t a lake, but a pond. Here’s a screen cap:

Allegheny State Park Pond

Note the L-shaped access road that leads to the bottom of the pond, circled in red.

Here was a lake/pond with an L-shaped “dock” that can be driven on. It’s in a wooded area (at the edge of the enourmous Allegany State Forest where I’m sure a few bears live), but there are also buildings and homes close by. Here’s a snapshot from Google Earth:

Limestone, New York

I studied these images for a long time. I became obsessed about learning more about the area, which I have never visited. Just across Route 219 is Limestone, New York, a hamlet six miles north of Bradford, Pennsylvania.

What Else Could Be Literal About This Dream?

If this spot is indeed the place I saw in the dream, I’m intrigued by what Spirit is trying to show me. I’m not sure what it all means yet. But I’ll be visiting my parents next week and then driving northwest to Lily Dale for a weekend at Fellowships of the Spirit School of Prophecy and Healing. I plan to pay a visit to Limestone, New York, and the Allegany State Park Pond to do some exploring.

Perhaps the building or a house in the area is also literal. It’s close enough for family to visit. Taking a nap may be symbolic of experiencing a short rest there. I don’t know.

What Could Be Symbolic in This Dream?

Driving could symbolize traveling along my life path. A map signifies that I’m searching for a specific place. There are plenty of meanings about bears. The L-shaped dock is reminiscent of the abrupt turn I wrote about earlier.

Hiding in a closet could refer to my coming out, but I didn’t feel that way in the dream or afterward. It does imply that I’m escaping to some place safe.

I noticed that with both the bear and my family, I heard them first before seeing them. Could this have to do with clairaudience? I wish I understood more!

BakersMy Grandma, Doris Baker (pictured here with my grandfather, my sister, and goofy-looking me circa 1970), was so real to me in the dream. I feel it was a visitation. What was she telling me?

First off, I noticed her new glasses, meaning this was not an image from the past, but the present. Sharper vision. And a change in the home environment incorporating the old and the new. The sun-porch/patio/office: a sunny place to work and live and relax. Will I be moving?

A Message from My Guides About the Dream

Today I channeled a long message from my guides, and they mentioned this dream. Here’s what they said:

As we have told you that your dreams will become more vivid, they will come to pass more quickly. We will help you discern between symbolic and literal interpretations, and we will show you how to walk in the light of their guidance.

When we present information to you, we desire that you follow it up in any way that you feel is appropriate. As with the dream that you have had of the pond, of the lake, we desire that you investigate this, that we might bring you to the place where you receive more revelation and understanding and insight to the meaning and the purpose of this communication.

I hope to learn more about the meaning of this dream when I pass through the Limestone area on April 11. If so, I’ll write another post! See Another Prescient Lake Dream.

Here Come the Little Birds

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“What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them.”
Luke 12:6 NLT

While reading some of my previously channeled messages, I came across an experience I had with little birds. I searched my database of messages and discovered a number of mentions that, when brought together, form a significant message.

I’ll take you through the process I follow in searching my channeled messages for a topic that Spirit prompts me to research.Red-tailed Hawk, Flying High

The Little Birds and the Hawk

On August 7, 2010, I drove up early my parents’ place in Potter Co., Pennsylvania, for our Howard family reunion. On the way I saw a hawk flying overhead, being chased by little birds.

Elsewhere, I wrote about the significance of the hawk, my totem animal, which speaks to me of using clairvoyance, of seeing the future and spying out hidden paths.

The message I got from reviewing this message is that little birds follow after the one with these abilities. But who are the little birds?

Memory of the Sparrow Caught in the Rose Bush

On June 24, 2012, I was sitting out on the side porch for my morning meditation and devotional reading. I noticed a robin lying in the side yard, its wings outstretched. I thought it was hurt. House Sparrow and Roses by John MullaneIt fluttered over to the neighbor’s driveway and just lay there.

Seeing this bird reminded me of something that happened when I was 5 or 6 years old, when my family lived in the little Swiss community of Berne, Indiana.

A rose trellis leaned against the side of our garage. During my play, I discovered a sparrow that had become snared. A thorn had pierced its leg, and it was caught, hanging upside down in the rose vine. I was very concerned about it and called my dad, who finally came to see what I was hollering about. He got the bird unhooked and set it free. This memory really touched my heart.

The message: This is what I’m called to do—find those who are caught in the thorns of life, and have gotten themselves hung up. I’m to use the help of someone greater to get them untangled and to set them free.

My Guides Explain the Significance of the Little Birds

That evening during my weekly channeling session, I asked my guides, “What is the significance of the birds I saw this morning and the childhood memory?”

Here’s their reply:

As you have concern even for the little birds, so does not one sparrow fall to the ground without the knowledge of the Highest. It is with this attitude that we look down upon the children of men and desire to help.

For we see them caught in a snare; we see them limping along; we see them stopped along the way, searching, wondering, crying out for help and direction. We desire to provide that light and direction. And we desire that you be the catalyst, that you be the channel through which this help comes.

Use your simple concern as you have shown for the birds, and desire to help others. This will bring us on the scene to give you words and wisdom and compassion to share with those who need to be set free.

For this is your ministry and calling: to set the captive free. Know that we are always there to help you achieve this goal.

Clairvoyant Vision of Raja Speaking about the Little Birds

SparrowOn June 29, 2012, a sparrow landed on the porch where I was sitting for morning meditation and channeling. I talked sweet to it. Clairaudiently, I heard, “The little birds are coming.” Right then, two or three other birds landed on the porch, dramatically confirming what Spirit had just spoken. You can actually hear the birds twittering on my audio recording of this channeling session. Then, the Summerland clairvoyance began.

I saw my mediumship guide, Raja, standing in the grain field as I often do, looking off to his left. He was pensive. I asked, “Do you have something to say, Raja?”

The little birds are coming. When the little birds come, do not drive them away. Speak gently to them; comfort them.

Handful of GrainHe showed me a few kernels of grain in his hand and said,

Give them something to feed on. And then they’ll be on their way.

This was confirmed on July 1, 2012. I asked, “Who are the little birds?”

These are the little innocent ones we will send your way. They will show up. Minister to them. Show them your lovingkindness and care, and then send them on their way.

The Field of Grain: My Harvest

That evening I asked my master-teacher guide about the beautiful field of grain Raja had shown me. Raja said it was my harvest. I asked, “What kind of harvest is it?”

We have called you to seek and save the lost, to leave the ninety-nine to find the one. There are many who are hurting; there are many who need direction; there are many who need to have guidance along their path, that they might fulfill their purpose. For, in coming to Earth, many get lost and are unable to find the way, the way that has been destined, the way that has been planned for them before they entered the womb.

We have called you to help clarify this purpose for them and to shine light upon the path that is ordained for them. We will bring them into your path. Expect them to appear.

The message: Little birds need to be cared for gently. Feed them what they can handle. Help them to see their path, give them strength for their journey, and send them on their way.

Feed the Birds

I can’t tell you the number of people, usually young men, who have entered my life for a brief time and whom I’ve given care and counsel. Then they have gone on their way, hopefully strengthened to fulfill their purpose in this incarnation.

Who are the little birds in your life? How is God calling you to minister to them? In the new year, seek Spirit for your niche in the Universe’s great plan of love and light. Even if you have only a few kernels of grain, if they’re offered in love, they can make a great difference in the life of someone who needs some tender care.

Consider the Ravens

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Who provides for the raven its prey when its young ones cry to God and wander about for lack of food?
Job 38:41 AMP, I wrote about the synchronistic appearance of three ravens in one day. The raven is a prophetic messenger. It’s the symbol of a shape-shifter and indicates “changes in consciousness. … The raven also symbolizes healing powers, the ability to draw secrets from the shadows. … She brings new things, new places, new ideas, and rebirth.” (

The other day, I discovered some notes I made on January 7, 2010, based on Luke 12:24, where Jesus said, “Consider the ravens.” I sensed Spirit nudging me to write about it.

Do Not Worry

The context of this passage is not worrying about the basic necessities of life:

22Then Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. 23For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. 24Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! 25Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? 26Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?
Luke 12:22-16 NIV

Food, clothing, and shelter are legitimate concerns for everyone. But the point Jesus is making here is that you cannot get these things—or anything at all—by worrying. But you can receive what you need by simple trust and faith in God’s provision. He provides the ravens as an example.

“Consider the ravens” is a command. “Consider” means to perceive, understand, fix your mind upon attentively. So I did.

Raven: the Natural Bird

In the natural, the raven is a black bird in the corvid family, several inches larger than its cousin the crow. Ravens are scavengers, but they’re intelligent. They mate for life.

Biblical Significance of the Raven

The raven is the first bird mentioned by name in the Bible. It plays a part in the account of the Noahic flood. the rain abated and the ark came to rest on a mountain of Ararat, Noah first “sent out a raven, and it kept flying back and forth until the water had dried up from the earth” (Gen. 8:7 NIV). It did not return to the ark. So Noah released a dove, which brought back an olive branch (8:10-11).

Jesus said that ravens neither sow nor reap. They do not gather into barns. (And what was the ark, but a floating barn?) They do not plan ahead with forethought; they take no thought for the future. Yet God provides for them. And God uses them to feed others.

“Unclean” Ravens Feed the Prophet Elijah

Ravens are a bird of the desolate wilderness. They are one of several birds classified as “unclean” for human consumption in the Old Testament (see Lev. 11:13-15; Ezek. 4:14) . Yet God cared enough about them to give them a place in the ark.

Ravens are associated with the drying up of waters. We see them first by this light in the account of the Deluge. The next time they figure prominently in the biblical text is in the life of the prophet Elijah (ninth century BC).

Elijah was a man of the wilderness. In the Old Testament, many individuals of Semitic descent are identified through their lineage. But not Elijah. Like the mysterious priest Melchizedek, Elijah’s geographical location is given, but not his lineage.

Elijah was born in Tishbe, which means “captivity.” Tishbe was in the territory of Gilead in Israel, east of the Jordan River. It is situated near the brook Cherith (now Kerith). Cherith means “cutting, separation, gorge, torrent-bed, or winter stream,” indicating that this valley stream had water during the winter but dried up during the summer months.

Ravens Feeding ElijahThe brook Cherith is in wild terrain. After a demonstration of spiritual power in which fire falls from heaven, Elijah prophesies a drought to King Ahab and then, afraid for his life, goes into hiding in the Cherith ravine. There, God sends ravens—unclean birds to the Hebrew prophet—that bring him bread and meat twice daily to sustain him. This provision continues until the waters dry up (1 Kings17:5-7).

In the natural, Elijah had reason to worry. His ministry had caused the drought situation that he himself was subject to. However, because he was true to his calling, God provided for his needs.

Spirit used ravens, “unclean” scavengers that do not themselves gather provisions, to provide for the needs of the man of God. And he did not refuse the provision on religious grounds. When water—the most basic necessity for life—dried up, God gave Elijah a message about where he could find provision (1 Kings17:8-14).

Ravens Bring a Change in Consciousness

Elsewhere, I wrote that ravens represent change and the birth of new ideas. They indicate transformation and change in consciousness, an increase in prophetic revelation and healing power, and the necessity of taking advantage of these opportunities.

For many years, Spirit has told me that I would receive revelation from higher consciousness like the ravens feeding Elijah (beginning in Jan. 6, 1990), and this sustenance would feed me spiritually, strengthening me for my journey ahead (Oct. 18, 1991). On January 9, 1996, my guide said:

Have I not provided for all your needs? I will continue to do so. Do not fear if the brook dries up; I will take you to a place where springs of water abound. I will feed you as the ravens fed Elijah. I will give you manna from heaven. But do not fear and do not fret, but look to me and trust in me, and I will continue to provide for you as I have done in the past.

This message ties Spirit’s provision to faith and recommends not worrying about my future.

Do you fear what the future holds (or may withhold)? Jesus says, “How much more valuable you are than birds!” The Creator provides for birds that do not gather into storehouses and that take no thought for their future. God will do the same for you if you listen for the voice of Spirit.

Spiritual Insight Delivered by the Ravens

The biblical lesson of ravens speaks not only to God’s provision for our natural needs, but also to spiritual insight and revelation.

Twenty years ago, I was an extremely conservative Christian and would have considered any kind of teaching from New Age or Spiritualist sources as “unclean.” But inherent even in my early messages concerning the ravens’ future provision was the idea of spiritual provision and revelation from alternative sources.

On October 22, 2007, I asked my guides how I could prepare for the work they were calling me to do. This is the response I received:

Study to show yourself approved. Eat that which I bring you by the ravens, and you will be sustained. You will be sustained, even in a time of drought, to make the journey and speak the word that I shall yet have you to speak. Do not worry, but keep your heart pliable and fixed on my purposes, and I will bring about your education and upbringing so that you might be my mouthpiece and spokesman for the changes to come.

I took this to mean I should read and study the material about psychic phenomena that I had taken an interest in after my spiritual awakening. On December 20, 2007, I asked what was meant by “eat that which I bring you by the ravens.” Answer:

This is revelation. It is not what you have worked to gather for yourself. But it is what I bring you, what is necessary for your survival and sustenance. As you read and receive this revelation, write it down as you have been doing. For I will take these tidbits and nourish you with them. Fret not about the source, but cherish the quality of insight and understanding that they bring, and I will provide you signposts and confirmation to lead you along your way.

Since that time, I’ve endeavored to be faithful to study the things Spirit has given me hunger for, and to record the insights revealed to me. I am now attending Fellowships of the Spirit’s School of Prophecy and Healing to develop the skills I need to be a spokesman, prophet, and mouthpiece.

Peter’s Clairvoyant Trance

The Apostle Peter was one who, up to a point in his life, refused to eat anything considered ceremonially unclean. But then Spirit gave him a vision that changed his perception and revealed a progression in consciousness.

9About noon the following day as they were on their journey and approaching the city, Peter went up on the roof to pray. 10He became hungry and wanted something to eat, and while the meal was being prepared, he fell into a trance. 11He saw heaven opened and something like a large sheet being let down to earth by its four corners. 12It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. 13Then a voice told him, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.” 14“Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.” 15The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”
Acts 10:9-15 NIV

Jesus had already declared all foods clean (Mark 7:19). But it took a personal revelation for Peter to “get it.” This clairvoyant trance experience revealed that not only was no food considered to be ceremonially unclean, but neither were any people. Based on this vision, Peter preached the Gospel to the Gentiles (previously considered spiritually “unclean”), and they received the Holy Spirit (see Acts 10:44-48), Whom he had years before prophesied would be poured out upon ALL people (Acts 2:17).


Who provides for the raven? God does. And God will provide for you, for you are cherished more than birds. If you trust Spirit and remain open, you will receive guidance not only for your physical needs, but your spiritual ones too.

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